Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten Percent Attrition

Some things were meant to last ages. Some last only fleeting moments. And then there is the lifespan of a power supply in the new computers here at the lab. One computer was running on Friday and then never woke up again on Saturday. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that it is a bad power supply, but I never heard anything from it; it just never started up when I came in one day.

The most recent failure was the one I just tried turning on. I pressed the power button (more of a peg since the plastic button that should have been there fell off or was never installed at the factory) and a minor gun shot rang out. I can't figure out what caused that to happen other than a timid little wire that was not meant for a long life in this world. There was one other person in the lab at the time, a teacher checking his mail, and he had the unfortunate position of sitting directly in front of the computer that I tried to turn on.

Twenty computers came brand new. One power supply failed upon arrival but that was fixed when the wireless router came from Accra. That means three bad power supplies and two non-functioning machines are now in the lab. I would hate to see the lab become a shooting gallery when students come in to turn the machines on for class, but maybe that is what one can expect from the machines in the near future.


Lynne Weintraub said...

So this is what you've been up to. I'm enjoying your blog. Gives me a chance to travel vicariously. Keep writing and sharing--it's really interesting.

P.S. How about drawing something you see in Ghana?

D.Boyer said...

Hi Lynne!

Glad to see you post. I will definitely be putting more time to drawing while I am here. You are right, I should draw something that is IN Ghana. :0)