Sunday, October 17, 2010

Having A Good Day

Yesterday was fine, just fine. I had the pleasure of waking up at my usual 7AM and being motivated for some odd reason. It lead me to get the paint out and do another section of my bedroom wall. Even though I am still doing the corners and trim this is now the second coat of paint and I can see that this will look nice when I am finished. Photos are being taken during the stages too so I can recall what took me forever to finish when I am old and gray.

After that was finished I took note of the bright early morning sunshine and figured it was a good time to get caught up on some laundry. Out comes the giant orange plastic tub and in goes the detergent and a bar of soap. I can tell that I am getting better with this job as the suds build up faster in my basin of water, and most of my clothes come out cleaner than when they went in. An added benefit is that my fingers are no long raw when I complete the task. Onto the line in the brilliant sunshine for a day of drying the old fashioned way. I was hopeful that it would not rain an hour later of course, forcing me to bring all the clothes back inside and make an impromptu drying line in the living room.

Onto some sweeping and then I rearranged some furniture in my bedroom to give me some more space. I am contemplating putting the desk that currently sits unused in the living area into my room. I might need help for that task as the desk is a bit awkward to move around.

Then off to the computer lab to catch up on the world and give a few students some computer time. They are not yet coming to me with questions as most who arrive know exactly what they are going to do. Check their mail, then go to Facebook and see what all their friends are doing. Not that I blame them, the site does get a bit addictive but I was preparing myself for endless questions of how to do this and what software does that. I am sure that will come.

At three o'clock I came home and had the pleasure of talking to a student who had walked home with me for about an hour. After our chat was finished I made my way to the basketball court to see a game of 5 on 5 volleyball being played. That felt so good to be back on the court and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of play; some of these students know how to crank the ball down. Not all the time of course, but when the bigger hitters were gearing up you had better be ready for a smash to come your way. I got to play for about an hour and was thoroughly drenched by the end of play as the sun was setting. My counterpart showed up too and I learned that he has quite the talent for volleyball as well.

I concluded my day by stopping by the computer lab again and video calling a good friend back in the states to see how her day went. This ranks right up there as one of my better days in Ghana. Just a joy to do things and have a great time.

Today I will finish off my lesson plans for the week but before I did that I wanted to recap my good Saturday and figure out how I could make Sunday just as fun. I'm off to try that right now.

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K said...

That sounds like a great Saturday, indeed. Glad that you can get some v-ball in while you're there!