Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Absent From Class

I made it all of three weeks before I missed a class. Teacher absenteeism happens a little bit in Ghana and I was determined to make it to all of my classes as best I could. No long naps, no sleeping in past the appointed hour for me, no sir.

And as far as things were going today I was right on time for my 10:30 class. But none was forthcoming. Class number four was absent and I was left alone for about 10 minutes waiting for them to show up. This was odd as I have not had a class be anything but eager to come to the lab.

I went out to look for them and found them in their classroom with a teacher whom I have talked with on several occasions. I called him over to the door and asked if this class was not supposed to be in the ICT lab. “No, they have this time with me.” Then a student spoke up and said that they had gone to the lab but I was not there. At eight.


The teacher then said that the time tables had been changed for the school year and that some classes had moved. For some reason I was the one not in the know about this so I got to miss my first class of the year. I will try to teach them again tomorrow night when they have prep period (kind akin to a study hall for the students) at seven. Oh the shame of a teacher cutting class.

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