Monday, October 11, 2010

First Official Day Of Teaching

So begins the teaching days of my life. So far so good, though I believe I could stand to improve a bit on my craft. Still, you need to start somewhere and I gather starting at the bottom and working your way up is one way to begin.

We have only one class scheduled for the first years on Monday so I can at least breathe easier now that this class is closed and I am reviewing what went right and what went wrong. Most of the wrong came from not having a perfectly set out list of topics to cover. I had a note of an introduction to the lab saved, but did not have it printed out for my own personal review, and the copy of the file on the computer which I brought was not something that I could easily refer to. Something that can be easily fixed in the next lesson.

My syllabus will consist of getting the students up and running on the computers, teaching the basics of working with files, folders, and applications and the like. Then from there we will head straight into the big applications that they must learn on the computer: word processing, spreadsheets, and then presentation software. With time we will crack open Access on the PC and do databases, but I need to read up on that before getting too involved there.

Just the same, the first steps were good. I can trace the start of this journey back to around July of 2008 when I got the crazy idea stuck in my head some early hour in the morning. That started the idea of applying for Peace Corps, and by August I was typing up my essays and thoughts on why I really wanted to do this.

I am in some small corner of the world trying to teach computers and if not for the distance of my family and friends, I would say I found a very happy spot in which to be. We will see how the next class goes.

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