Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

[Belated post]

So why the belated post? Well, as I write this post at 10:30PM I have gone about fifteen hours without power here in Hohoe. This is the first time I have experienced a blackout that has last this long since the 2004 Great Brown Out that happened in the northeast U.S. From the moment I woke up there has not been even the glimmer of a spark here. All on my birthday no less.

So I was going to post my greetings at the computer lab when I arrived to prepare for my Monday class but the hour never came. I just waited around the house for the power to come back on and was sorely disappointed.

I still had a good day though. Two PCVs were in town and stopped by to wish me well before heading back to their towns and that cheered me up nicely. I had two youngsters visit me and sing me their Ghanaian happy birthday song which for the record is identical to ours but after the second stanza of, "How old are you now," they add a "God bless you now," third stanza. Same tune and everything as our own. So this wasn't a bad day by any stretch. I am betting there are some messages left on email that I will get tomorrow, but in lieu of reading those I did get to hear from a few nice people back in the States who were thinking of how old I must be now. Very.

Other than that, I swept up every room in the house today, I washed my clothes and almost got them dry before the torrential rains came. I painted two more sides of my room with a first coat of paint; I am no longer doing corners now but the broad surfaces of the walls. What else did I manage to do? 

Oh yes, I ate Mac 'n' Cheese for lunch with a helping of tuna. Thanks again for those care packages! Man that was good. I close with the sounds of crickets chirping, bats flying in and out of the crawl space above the ceiling after a night of eating bugs, and a very dark night on the campus of St. Francis. Monday will come early again for certain.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and presents. Your PCV appreciates all of them.

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fraz said...

Happy belated birthday, Dave! Just getting caught up on your blogs here... I can't seem to keep up with you! Cheers!