Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dear Mother Sheep

You know who you are. You probably know where I live as well, at least you should by the sounds of your offspring bahhing for you throughout the entire morning. Yes, you are the one I am looking for.

How could you? Leaving that young lamb all alone for so long in a strikingly short proximity to my bedroom window at 5AM. You have plenty to answer for and I realize that sheer embarrassment will keep you from showing yourself near my house any time soon. Where were you this morning? Off chewing your cud with the other ewes over at the Demonstration School were you? Maybe gossiping about who went off to the slaughterhouse yesterday and oh the short lives you lead here?

Still, when the young one calls for you, should you not be close enough by to hear the bleats, the very, very repetitive bleats? Yes, you should. We all know the father isn't around for long but what are you and I to do about that? Not much. No, it is you, the ewe, who must be responsible. Honestly, I doubt that Little Bo Peep really had any trouble finding her sheep if your child was any gauge. I could hear her 100 yards away.

Please do keep better track ma'am. I had the chance to sleep in this morning and you can see by my letter that I could not take advantage of the opportunity at all.

Kind regards, etc., etc.,

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