Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Birthday Comes Early

My first birthday in Ghana won't happen until tomorrow but sure enough, some people in the U.S. remembered well before I did that it was coming and sent a care package to my doorstep.

Thank you!

The visit at the post office went much better this time, I didn't even have a chance to get into the book that I had brought along for the wait. I was hoping to get the box that I had the slip for but the man behind the counter gave me a second slip to my surprise. Sure, I'll take it.

They open the boxes there of course to inspect them and I could see some of the goodies inside. Not nearly as many ants found these boxes, though some smelled something delicious inside and were foraging about. Luckily they did not get into anything.

Aaron, you rock. The birthday card and the birthday treats were completely unexpected and apparently you know me as the two tins of coffee were well received. I also will make good use of the highest quality paint brush now currently in Ghana that you sent; it will do well when finishing up my room. I will not be showing that off to anyone else here lest they think of taking it for themselves. I loved the card too, and I took great pleasure in knowing that you think of me often – twice every other month as you wrote. I was smiling quite a bit. There were other goodies in the box as well, and all will be eaten, drunk, chewed, and read as the days pass by.

Mom and Mark came through with a box stuffed full of treasures in digital, paper-back, and food form. The added spices and Tabasco sauce will be used in short order, and the beef jerky and cheese sticks, well they are already gone. I should have savored the taste more instead of wolfing them down, but that was how good they were.

My digital life now has a sense of security in that they sent over an external hard drive. I won't feel like I am one power surge away from not seeing my digital photos or lesson plans ever again. The back-up has been made and my sense of ease is 50% higher now. Oh, and the Nano too? Bless you both. I used it already this morning while I painted the room and good gravy is that a wonder of design. I only have to hide it well so that prying eyes do not see it and start coveting. It almost holds my entire music library which is four or eights times more than the one I brought here which is dying. Again, thank you for the kindness and now I owe you both big time when I get back to the states. I will start Christmas and birthday shopping a year in advance and don't be surprised to find some Ghanaian gifts under the tree in inside the presents.

I am not homesick, but just seeing the copies of Sports Illustrated and Consumer Reports makes me think of the usual stuff that I don't have here. The connection to the web is great, but often I hit only a few sites each day and talk online with friends, I forget that there are things going on back home. I am plenty busy here though so most of the time it passes me by without much notice, but the care packages remind me a lot of the simple pleasures of living in America.

Thank you to Aaron, Ma, Mark, and Damla (last week's birthday box) for sending these packages to Ghana. I owe you big time!

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