Monday, October 04, 2010

Classes Will Start At Some Point

Just one more week of waiting to go now.

The day started out early enough with a friendly wake-up call from my first friend on campus, Eric, at the gentle hour of 5:30AM. I had already awoken to the alarm on my phone but when it rang I figured it was a teacher making sure that I did not miss the opening ceremony. I told him that I would be at the church (this is a Catholic school so this seems a logical place to get things going) at precisely 6:29.

I guess my phone was a bit slow since I arrived and there was already someone speaking at the lectern. Eric waved me in and I took my place at the very front of the church with the rest of the staff. I think I only had a small breach of protocol by not making a bow to the alter before walking up the small steps. You live and learn and my hope is that no one noticed it.

We sat there listening to announcements and then the Principle came in at about a quarter before the hour. It really is like the President coming for a visit since everyone gets up to show respect. We all sit when told to of course. More announcements and then the Principle was asked to address the students. He made mention of the second-year students returning and the first-year students getting accustomed to the new surroundings. He then made introductions of the staff and I was the first one to get a welcome. The students were more than kind and clapping but I bet that was more a nod to the Principle saying, "He prefers to be addressed as Koku David." Many people get a kick out of that.

With most of the ceremony done the staff moved over to the administration block for the regular Monday morning staff meeting. That went until about 9:30 at which time there was nothing left for me to do. I will be teaching the first-years and they are going to be in an orientation all week long to understand what is expected of them. With my free time I got in a very light nap before the torrential rains fell. That woke me up to the point where I needed something to do indoors. More paint on the walls was the decision. I am almost done getting one coat of paint up around the edges of all the walls in the bedroom. Soon I will get to painting the whole walls which feels like an accomplishment.

The rest of the day was spent in the computer lab getting more computers ready. Some day I will be done with this task, and by that time the students will charge in and give me new challenges. That will be next week.

That leaves plenty of time to get the old lesson plans in order. On to that next.

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