Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Staging In Philly Begins

This is where posts get tricky. The access to the network is a must for posts naturally, and given that I am sitting in the airport awaiting the flight to arrive and take me to Philadelphia means that I have wifi here at the terminal. Whence I leave this terminal things become less certain. I presume there will be spots in Philly where I can crack open the netbook and give it a whirl, but Wednesday the 2nd means business Peace Corps style; lots of things to soak up and prepare for.

That means I might be hit and miss for a bit. Thursday afternoon is the road trip from half-way-'round-the-world. Leaving Philadelphia means a bus ride to NYC and to John F. Kennedy Airport to depart for Africa. Exciting? You bet! But I want people to know that I am all right while I am out and about and that gets a bit tricky since I know next to nothing about where I will find myself in Accra and parts beyond.

So stay tuned. It should get much more interesting from this stage forward.

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Anonymous said...

Ha.....this is a really great idea to use Dave. I just signed up to get updates as you enter them. I am sure it is all very surreal at this point. Having just returned from Hong Kong and knowing what it is like to be a real outsider and minority, I know Asia is only 50% different to what you are going to experience in Ghana. Wow, but what a wonderful experience! Please stay safe and soak up all that you can while helping your fellow man. You are a real saint in my opinion!