Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kukurantumi And Training

Belated Post

Our class has moved on from Vally View and taken up roots in Kukurantumi for the beginning of training. Just the education group is here so far as the Omnibus (non-education) went hunting around the country-side to find volunteers serving in Ghana. We were welcomed just like back in Valley View; open arms and great smiles. It was terrific and the food here is just as good as it was in our last place, if not a touch better. Gifty, one of our Ghanaian trainers, is disappointed when we don't go back for seconds and I must say it is always tempting. Oh, she is incredibly funny and always in great humor no matter what time of day.

Back to Kukurantumi. We are in the Peace Corps Office here and by Friday, the 12th, we are either going to find out who are home stay families are, or actually go directly to their homes and get used to our surroundings. I am eager to get that going, because that transition is big but it also means I get to hear and experience the language of the home family rather than be with Americans all the time. I don't practice Twi now when I leave the training program, and that is killing my uptake of the words and phrases.

Our training is beginning in earnest though. Today the schedule is full of language, education training, and many other items on the itinerary. Should be exhausting if I am a good judge of things. Last night we were placed in a hotel and had a good time just chatting and playing games. I even got in a sketch of the classic Coke bottle that used to be a staple in America. That bottle is heavier than I remember them. Again, I am having a great time with the people that are here, and somehow I have been passing for being 27 or so. Feels neat to be honest.

Off to breakfast at 7AM.

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