Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just A Few More Days Here

There are only a few more hours to go state-side and then I am off to Africa. It still hasn't sunk in completely. Each step has been a theoretical leap, nothing changed about my life or my surroundings, just an update or a form to fill out and that was that.

Now it is getting a bit more real.

My apartment is becoming more barren as each hours slips by. The vehicles are sold, the accounts that I used to pay monthly (and take for granted) are now closed. I have books, some music, and a phone which also will be leaving my side very shortly to keep me company.

In addition to that, I still have my friends and an American culture that I am still quite comfortable with at my fingertips. That will be the scary part - seeing that disappear over the horizon.

I am anxious to get started but I understand one important thing, I am going to be returning some point in the future as a different creature. What I lose here I am sure I will gain on the other side of the Atlantic. Still, it is quite the unknown.

Just a few more hours to go then. If I manage to pack just half of what I need in Ghana then I will be happy.


Jennifer Lynch said...

GOOD LUCK, DAVID! I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear from you once you get over there!

kris said...

Hey, I made it 'over' from FB. Keep up the blog. I had one while I was overseas, too, and it was a great way to keep people in touch and log my memories. Just a thought: Somehow, manage to get it printed. Keep it. I still go back and re-live the memories online,but it's not the same. Keep a box of stuff you collect, too: plane tickets, coins . . rocks . . .whatever. It's fun to go through later on.