Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Had To Happen Sometime

Belated Post

The first thing that I will mention is that I feel fine. Seriously, I feel mentally and physically fine. Yet yesterday I had the pleasure of hitting the latrine a few times and you can guess where that story leads. I suppose it is a common thing when adjusting to a new country, but I was hoping to stay nice and healthy for a good long while.

My hunch is that the food I have been eating with the host family (eating with is a misstatement - I eat at a small table just outside my room which is the way guests are given their meals where I am living) has been a bit much for my gut to handle or process. The other morning I grabbed a laxative and crossed my fingers. Let's say it worked, but I had to feel a bit green in order to go through it all.

So we can just agree that this is out of the way, and I can move on. :O)

I am teaching now! We had our first mini-lesson on Tuesday before a sample class and I think I did decently enough, but there are plenty of things that I can improve upon. My main impression is that many students may not have the background in computers that I was presuming so I need to be wary of the idea, "You all know what this is so let me skip right ahead." Just talking about input devices to the makeshift class of students felt a bit awkward. Some were not responding at all to the points or the questions. Overall though everyone is eager to learn which is great. And one big bonus is the ICT lab where we will teach practicum has an internet connection. Very nice.

I am running around between towns in order to my training (as are my colleagues) so we need to pack into vans and cars which has the approximation of a clown car from the circus. For a car that didn't look bigger than a Ford Escort (and picture that Escort in some disrepair), we had 6 adults packed in. Four would be not so comfortable, so you can paint the picture of all of us slammed into the seats, stacked on top of each other for a short 30 minute ride over dirt roads riddled with potholes. Fun stuff.

Soon we will be teaching pros here. On Thursday we learn where we are heading as our final destination for placement in a community. I am hopeful it is within the Twi language, but we will see. No big deal if it is not.

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