Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Slow Period

Our students are in their first week of a two-week period of exams. The Cape Coast tests are 60% of their overall grade and if you want to see a quiet campus, then these two weeks will be the time to come. No one is wasting any time walking or talking with friends, they all have books open, pens and pencils at the ready, and lots of time poring over the facts and formulas that their tests will question them on.

The lab has been, with absolutely zero physical changes, transformed into a quiet study hall at night. At about 7 or 7:30PM each night the doors open up and students walk in and occupy a chair and a small bit of desk space in order to revise (study) their notes. Most don't bother turning on a computer as they need to stay away from the distractions, but I am happy to oblige any that do need to have a break and just relax for 15 minutes. Unfortunately for every student here the internet connection is so slow that the 15 minutes could turn into 40 if they don't mind the time. Too many people on at once slows our speed down at prodigious clips. I was having concerns of leaving Facebook running but decided against it as it may be the only fun thing they get to partake in during these two weeks.

When the students are finished they will depart and then the next thing I get to look forward to is my friend form the states visiting close to the middle of February. Maybe we can do some more exploring around here and turn up some new things to do. My hope is for lots of fun and again to see the country through the eyes of the first-time visitor. I think I will skip the trip to the jam-packed Tudu station this time though. Unless he wants to just get right into it.

A fun story from last night before I stop here. I ran home last night near 6 or 7 and found that my housemate was in the kitchen making something to eat. I headed straight for the bathroom as I stay hydrated to a fault. While in the water closet I could hear loud footsteps sounding as though my housemate was taking a bit of exercise while he was in the kitchen. It then occurred to me that I might have seen a bat in the kitchen earlier in the day that may have still been hanging around. In hindsight, I should have extricated the bat then, but the story would not be as fun.

Sure enough I found him saying, "Bat!" as I walked to the kitchen. The poor bat was stuck in there. They usually find their way out but he was taking a couple of breaks from the flight circles, so I had the chance to toss a bowl over him while he sat down on the floor. Sliding a manila folder under the bowl gave me the chance to pick the little fellow up and escort him outside. I don't believe Taka is an animal lover, but he was relieved that the little fellow was released back outside to freedom.

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