Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dry Season Means Dirt Season

Being gone for about 25 days meant that upon my return to the house there was a tiny little bit of cleaning to do in the house. Every square inch of horizontal service collected 25 days worth of microscopic particles while both me and my housemate were away. The floors are spattered with footprints, and if you stamp your foot somewhat hard on the floor, then you will see curls and tendrils of dirt curl through the air. It is really dusty here.

Even in the bedroom where the windows were mainly shut and the door was closed, there is dust everywhere. I found my mechanical pencil on my sketchbook and was hoping that maybe with the windows closed that not as much dust had made its way in there. Carefully I plucked the pencil off the cover of the sketchbook and sure enough it appeared as though an x-ray had been taken with the pencil clearly showing up in a perfect outline of dirt. This was going to be difficult to clean out, and worse, I had this very bad feeling that my bed and the linens sitting there beside the desk were equally as covered with the mere beginnings of dry season here. Everything is going to need a washing (or a heavy whacking) to get the dust loose. Even when sweeping it out you can physically taste the dirt that is clouding up the room as the broom brushes over the floor.

Worse is that after cleaning out the house, it is only going to get dusty again and leave us with no other option but to sweep and dust more. Maybe I knew this was coming but for some reason having the entire house covered in dust was not the grand reception that I was hoping for. Oh, and the two bats that were in the house as well.

It's the little things like that which I will miss I suppose.

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