Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Students Exit

And the campus at Franco goes quiet.

While not every student has left the school grounds, 96% of them have and the dormitories have gone quiet. Walking around the campus I don't find that I get to say hi very often as there is nobody left to say hi to save the teachers who are still living on campus and some of the staff who remain at their posts. But in all, there is not a lot of action right now.

Their exams ended on the 3rd of February and several found taxis to the main station the moment they were given permission to leave. Others took time to pack up their belongings and do some last minute cleaning of their halls and rooms before heading home on Saturday. Our computer lab had zero students inside last night; nobody studying for their Cape Coast exam, not a soul checking Facebook to see what their friends had posted on their Walls. Very quiet.

That isn't to say that it is quiet at my house or that I have resigned myself to sleeping all hours of the day. Not in the least. Yesterday the bungalow on campus where I live turned into the meeting house for the Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) which takes place next week in Hohoe. I am hoping to have a little time to do an over-arching computer lesson for them provided they have the time. Should be fun as several volunteers have stated that they don't have computers to use in their studies of ICT.

During the camp I will be receiving a visitor from the U.S. near Valentine's day. My friend Joe is visiting and I hope to show him around a bit of my area and see what else he might want to take in while he is here. There are a lot of things to see around my area, but after three days, well, you need to find something else to do.

Just to be sure, it is still the dry season. It has not rained since late October or early November, so we are still dry on the ground. The humidity has increased slightly along with the residual heat at night making for more uncomfortable sleeping weather. I am just very thankful that the electricity has been on at night to power the ceiling fan. That is very beneficial.

Otherwise, my thoughts are continually turning to the end of the journey here in Peace Corps and a bit of reflection on what two years will have done to me. So far it has been a fun ride, but I do find myself wanting to get off the bus soon and parking myself back in America for a long while. Just over the horizon, about five months distance.

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