Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Accounts For A Storm In Dry Season

If you have been reading the last few posts, then you already know that dry season has been visiting my neighborhood for the past two or so months with little let up. Each day the sky turns a light dusty white color and you never see a stitch of blue sky, nor a cloud to speak of. Today a very strange thing happened in the morning, it was quite dark outside.

When I woke up it seemed to me to be a bit too dark for the time. Sure enough when I went out the back door of the house to hang up my towel, I could clearly make out the boundaries of dark clouds which I have not noticed in weeks. But to have borders meant there was a sky to see around them and hence I could witness blue for the first time in a long time. I wasn't confused into thinking that the dry season was over but I was a bit relieved to see something approaching a normal view upstairs.

Then tonight I got the full effect. It started with a slight fuzz of a sound. The curtains tossed around on the open windows and sure enough, the fuzz which started off inaudible turned into a full buzz. The rain was hitting the sheet metal roof and the sound was reminiscent of the October storms. I ran outside to put my bike under a roofed enclosure and expected to see the torrents come down but... no. Nothing more than about one hundred drops and it was over. It barely made the dust and dirt budge and then no more. Later there were flashes of lightning in the night sky, but even those were hard to see through the dust in the air.

It would seem that the rain didn't see it's shadow - two more months of dry season.

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