Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update On The War Of Attrition

A while back I made mention of a few brand new computers that had a bit of trouble staying powered up. The main problem are power supplies and since that time (I believe two did not work) we have more computers fall prey to the power supply demon. At this stage our computer lab looks more like a monitor lab as the cases are all stacked one on top of the other two rows deep in the front of the classroom. The current count for bad power supplies in the new machines stands at 14, that out of the 20 we originally got. For the old machines we have two failures which will need a reformatting of the hard drive. Another old machine has a virus that will also need a little attention to resolve (another installation of Windows).

So the lab on the first day of class started as 39 computers. Today we have 23 that work, and only 8 that can connect to the web. Our hope is that the agent of the computer manufacturer here in Ghana will come to the rescue and repair the bad power supplies soon. It is always a challenge to have someone travel back and forth from Accra but constant phone calls are the normal ploy to get things done. He will know my number quite well by week's end.

Fortunately my netbook is still intact and working nicely. If we ever get the machines fixed the students will be very happy to come in and load Facebook again.

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