Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Box At The Post Office

Nothing bad ever happens when you receive a parcel notice here at the campus. Well almost nothing bad. When I got a notice that I had a package awaiting me at the post office I was informed just before three in the afternoon and that didn't leave me much time to get to the building. The next day I would be leaving for  Kukurantumi so I figured that I would come back and find the customs man when I returned. So the box sat and waited for me.

I came back this past weekend and figured that the box would be there and all I had to do was swing by. That would have worked had I remembered that this was something I needed to do on Monday but the old brain got the best of me and I neglected to take the trip. Then Tuesday the customs official wouldn't be there so that meant that I had to wait until today which is precisely what I did. After lunch I took a trip over to town on the bicycle and stopped by to see if the man was in. He was the one that I wrote about before when I had a package that was in need of his careful attention. Much to my bemusement the woman at the counter said he was not in and that he was on break. Shoot, so no box and I had the joy of looking forward to another sweaty bike ride to and from campus to boot.

It was at this stage where I should have showed my slip to the woman behind the counter. I did not. I just rode away after thanking her.

I returned about two hours later and he had not come back from break yet but as luck would have it, I sat down for all of 20 seconds and then saw him walk through the door in his nice blue uniform. Finally something went right and up I walked to the woman at the counter again to hand her my slip. I should have noted before this point that the slip did not look like the others that I had received when picking up a package. Much smaller and no signature fields on the scrap of paper. She looked at it and then headed back to the storage area and retrieved my box. She said, "You don't need to sign for this or have customs look at it," which meant that I could have had this box in my hands the Friday when I received the note.

I am still learning. And I am very grateful to Jen for sending a birthday package full of goodies. I won't be without water anytime soon as I have a nice new metal bottle to fasten to my person at all times. That and some sugary treats which will not go to waste, I assure you. Thanks Jen!

Off to dodge the raindrops that are still haphazardly falling on campus.

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Anonymous said...

HI Dave!
So sorry that I have not been in contact. Life here sort of takes over and suddently weeks have past since I connected. I read through your postings and just love reading about your life there. Still amaazing what you are doing and learning the two languages. What are you planning for Thanksgiving? Obviously only Americans are in on that one!
Take care,