Tuesday, November 02, 2010

An Election Day Far From Home

Normally on a day like today I would have voted by now but I am quite a far distance away from my polling station. I did not know where I was going to declare a permanent residency while back in the states and that being the case, I didn't do anything to transfer my voting place while packing up for the plane-ride over to Africa. This being the case, I don't have a means that I know of to submit an absentee vote while here.

That might not mean too much but it makes me a bit bummed that I didn't get around to doing that. I tend to vote at least two or three times a year and it is a civic duty in my estimation. I vote in the primaries and off-year elections as frequently as I can. Even if there is just a town issue to be decided I make sure to review a bit of the pros and cons for the vote and then walk to the polling place and cast my ballot. It makes me feel good.

So this year and most likely next year I will be on vacation from my civic-mindedness. That is kind of paining me now as I read about the likely events back in the states and I am less than enthused for the possible outcomes. Cycles like this always happen so there will be lean times and fat times certainly, but like the Philadelphia Phillies losing to the eventual champions the San Francisco Giants, it won't make you feel really good when it happens.

Hence I am outside looking in as the saying goes when it comes to our electoral politics in America. Since I do have access to the web most every day I don't miss much, but I also do not get the cable news cycle so that means I am relieved of the endless nonsense that gets broadcast. A small blessing. I will keep track of the results just the same and hope for the best.

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