Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time On Your Hands

Now that I have settled in at Hohoe for a while I am finding a new situation that I had not anticipated. Time. From about June 3rd to the August 12th I have had a routine to follow, an itinerary to meet, and for the past few weeks my time was spoken for from about 5 in the morning to about 6 in the evening. Now time has swarmed over in abundance. I am meeting with people here at the school and getting acquainted with this and that procedure, but for the most part I have had ample time to get things done with more than enough room left over.

I could be reading books but I am soon running out of those. I can only post so many details before I bore even myself with the task, let alone the people who happen to pass by and feel their eyes glaze over with the volume. So other things must begin to fill the time.

Maybe starting “small, small” is a good beginning; exploring the area and getting to know the surroundings. I will need some supplies when I finally get into my home here (still at the Guest House on campus) and I have started a list of things to pick up. The school has been quite generous in picking up a few things, so my list is smaller than I was expecting. A bed, maybe even a small refrigerator is coming. Very nice. So maybe I will be getting an inexpensive bike so I can roam around a bit and get some exercise in the process.

Our ICT laboratory now has satellite internet which is a huge bonus. Apparently all the labs in the colleges of education within the country are upgrading based on a government initiative. Great by me, maybe I will be able to use Skype to speak with the people back home more frequently. It was touchy to do it when I was using the first internet connection and that was without anyone else online in the lab with me. And it could well be possible for me to see the highlights of the last Flyers-Blackhawks game which our side lost (I just did, and  boy was that a crushing way to end it - I felt sad for everyone there in the rink that night to lose it by the puck going through the netting and no one really knowing it). Small things like that could go a long way to making me happy.

As I said, lots of time now and I feel obliged to use it. First things first, I should put some photos up.


slinberg said...


It will be beyond lame if you don't.

D.Boyer said...

I have only drawn a tid bit. But I do have my pencils and pads of paper, so I will obey your command! :O)