Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Nights In The Bungalow

[Belated Post]

This is night number two in the new bungalow. I mentioned that it is quite expansive for one person to live in and that still remains true, especially when you move all of your worldly possessions of the moment into the bedroom and have about 2,000 square feet left over to cover with knick-knacks and reminders of home. I spent the first full hour in the house sweeping every square foot of poured concrete flooring and tiled surface. It wasn't easy and I can see a detraction to having such a space be mine for 26 more months and some odd days. Cleaning day will be cleaning weekend if I am all by myself.

But I was liking the view and the comfort just fine during the day. I nice breeze was making the flower-print curtains ebb forwards and backwards at a rhythmic pace, and I could read on the couch provided for me in the living area. I was quite happy. I lost all track of time and by four the phone rang and I realized I was late to the party happening in the town. Two other volunteers were celebrating their birthdays and I was supposed to be in town an hour ago, so off I went.

One thing though that I had neglected in the bright sunshine of the afternoon was to remember how long I was staying out. It was near the witching hour when I came back and lo and behold my little bungalow stood alone in a pitch black darkness. One solitary street light lit the smallest sliver of a pathway leading to my door and suddenly all my thoughts went to the burglar whom I was sure to surprise mid-robbery. I have quite the active imagination. Each door I opened, each curtain I pulled back was done with the expectation of a surprise from a bad horror flick awaiting me. The lights in the house were here, no, there... no, over there. I am still getting used to the fixtures and which switch does what, and which switch does naught.

There are three very bright outdoor lights that I should have left on when leaving but did not. Tonight I returned after dusk to the same house and boy howdy do exterior lights make a difference. My only concern now is making sure I don't brush up against a wall that one of my 2-D spiders is clinging to as I make my way through the dark house. When at rest, these spiders don't rise more than a nickel's thickness off the wall or ground, hence my 2-D name for them. But when you surprise them they move with incredible speed. As the light flashes on and you see two brown spots race by your ear you get quite a spook.

The one cockroach in the kitchen didn't bother me as much. I think I might name him (or her) if I see it a second time. Suggestions are welcome.

Slowly I am getting used to my new place.

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