Monday, August 09, 2010

Another Acronym Passed

[Belated Post]

We are all just finishing up our Technical Assessment Interview here at the hub site. The TAI was the last of the hurdles to clear before we can swear in as education volunteers. When getting in I thought I had already done the hurdle jumping with the medical and essays completed, but that was just the start. Inside the country you are drilled with knowledge almost every day of the week. There are four exams: Safety and Security, Medical, Language, and now Teaching. For what we experienced, the LPI and the TAI are a bit more in-depth exams given that they are not written but interviews where you have to go in and rattle off whatever you brought with you in your brain case.

I think that I did sufficiently well in my interview today, but we must wait for our scores. There were a few questions that I could not quite understand or the answer had escaped my attention as I crammed the night before. I do feel that a majority of the questions I correctly answered so my hope is that the Peace Corps does not send me home for missing the grade by one point.

Our mood is still relaxed and most trainees are passing the time by writing home, playing board games (may I suggest you look up Ticket To Ride if you like board games that are not too difficult to pick up), and catching up on the soccer game that was played yesterday. I did not attend it, but I have heard that it was a spirited game between Trainees and Trainers.

It was an epic rematch of Team USA versus the Black Stars of Ghana, and the result was the same. We lost 2 to 1. To be fair, some of our players were playing their second game of soccer ever, so it is a bit harsh to blame us for not winning. I wish I had had the chance to see it. I was side tracked on my last day of church in the community but man was it a fun affair. I don't understand the Twi language that the service is spoken in, but there was a big band there celebrating the life of one of their parishioners who passed away in May. They made the entire building jump and it was incredibly neat to see everyone dancing and celebrating in unison. My ears may have suffered a bit for the loudness, but I am sure hearing aid technology will be great by the time I am deaf.

So that is how things are going lately. I have more pictures but they need to wait until I get to the ICT lab in Hohoe before I can get a speedy connection going. Off for more training right now.

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