Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Has Been A While

Just a simple post here to register a pulse, to say that things are all right and to ponder what direction the  blog takes next.

I did arrive in America safe and sound in March and have had many wonderful things take place since returning. In short order (but in many more details to come) I have: wed a wonderful woman, moved to a town outside of Boston, learned that I will be a father, looked for and found a job doing something that will be rewarding, found a house to buy and live in, adopted a puppy, and enjoyed life as much as possible.

So things are not going too shabbily I must say.

Yet thinking of all these things and then thinking back to the place I was at last year at this time, it makes me think a bit about what it meant, being a volunteer and serving in a foreign land. I guess more on that to come.

Politics are warming up and it will be fun to see where the campaigns head. Maybe I will go back to that topic here and see what pushes the keys. As mentioned before, there is still some pondering to do.

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