Monday, January 03, 2011

A Mission To Accra Tomorrow

It appears that a few of us Volta volunteers will be making our way down to Accra tomorrow for our H1N1 shot. The flu is something that I don't' want to have and this seems to be a good way to keep it at bay provided that the influenza virus has not mutated eight different ways by now to defeat the shot. We shall see I suppose. I know that a few families on campus have had coughs for over a week now and I don't want that either so I tend to stay away from those who are hacking and coughing. Just being safe.

For the most part things are quiet now. I get online for a few hours a day by walking over to the computer lab and see what the world is doing. I took to picking up the pencil again and found new subject matter to draw but the piece is not finished yet, not even half-way done and I have spent over five hours on it so far. It is pleasant to draw away the hours listening to music (I bought three new albums online courtesy of my Christmas present from the family and I commend to you Sleigh Bells, Ramona Falls, and Land of Talk for your listening pleasure) at home. Nice and relaxing with only a wee bit of frustration at the result.

Several volunteers will be arriving at the house soon. We have an meeting of the Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC) for the Volta region and I am anxious to see what occurs at the meeting. I am pretty sure that the meeting itself is going to be held at my place as the living room has plenty of space to seat people. I must say, this place is definitely a great place to live since everyone passes through at one point or another. Obviously it will be good to have friends back here, so that is something to look forward to soon.

All told, the campus has been quiet over the past few weeks and I miss the students now. The lab being crowded at night will be an adjustment when they return, but I will be happy to see the faces and smiles when they do come back next week. That, and the campus needs some cleaning so I am sure the first-years will be busy upon their arrival.

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