Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Classes Are Going Now

So far so good. The students came back to campus, the classes were scheduled, and I have not taught anyone since.

Most of the work of the first semester is now boiling down to how the students will do on the Cape Coast exams. They will be administered all next week and the week after. If you don't do well on those tests, well, your life becomes much more difficult as a teacher-in-training. As most education goes in Ghana, you study your brains out for one big test rather than having a cumulative score based on your performance throughout the year with some milestone tests every month or two. If I am remembering this correctly from training, these exams count for 60% of their grade. No pressure at all.

Each day I visit the classroom that I am to teach and ask if they want to learn Excel or study everything that they need to memorize in order to pass the test. They have all said they desire to study more. So that means my days are about the same as they were before the students came here. I just go to the lab and review what needs done, and then move back to the house to take care of the odds and ends. I will have plenty of time to fill out the Volunteer Report Form (VRF) which will be another post of its very own. That and more time spent language learning.

So all is mostly quiet here. Next week I will probably be stopping in a few rooms to watch students take their exams and make sure no answers are whispered here and there. Look up the word invigilate and see what it means. I never used that word until now.

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