Sunday, December 05, 2010

On The Mend

[Belated post]

As evidenced by the prior post, my social calendar took a nose-dive with the inability to walk out of the house on Saturday. It is the longest I have spent away from the computer lab while still being on campus since I arrived in August I think. My means of locomotion in the house are limited: I hop on one foot when I want to change chairs at the table, I ride the bicycle when I have a few things to do between rooms in the house and don't want to hop (more of a push-along motion rather than peddling), and then I have used a plastic chair as a walker when moving from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Speaking of the chair, I had a sit down shower of sorts in the bathroom (note that I am not speaking of the water closet but the room where I have my showers – they are too separate rooms here). I moved the chair into the stall where the shower head spills into and then filled up a bucket of water. It worked pretty well and saved me the awkwardness of trying to lather up on one foot. You get creative when there is limited means at your disposal and necessity at your back.

Several students have stopped by to check on me and so far I have been fed fairly well without having so much as a few eggs in the pantry. Last night a Peace Corps volunteer stopped by and brought with her some delicious rice and noodles for dinner which was tasty. This morning I made myself some eggs for breakfast and had a cup of coffee to cheer me up. I did not go to church though as walking a long distance is not something that I am up for just yet. Today I can just put a small amount of weight on the right foot when the leg is positioned just so without much discomfort. It is still a long way away from me walking like a human being should.

At least the swelling has gone down somewhat and there is no bruising or discoloration around the foot. I suppose that is a good sign. As I was awaking this morning my dream consisted of a mass of spiders crawling towards me and I was standing up. Unfortunately I was on the edge of being awake so my action in the dream was to kick the spiders away; the action in my bed was to kick with my sprained ankle. No damage done, but it definitely woke me up.

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