Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Art

This latest drawing took a bit of time. I have many photographs saved on the netbook for purposes of staving off homesickness, but one of the reasons I brought them was for something to draw on slow days. Many trips to art museums and parks should keep me busy in addition to drawing things that are around me here in Ghana, but for late at night when nothing around me is inspiring (like an old shoe), then out comes the computer and down goes the pencil.

For this piece I chose a statue that I shot while at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. a few months back. After visiting my brother and mother in North Carolina I drove back and made a stop in D.C. to sight-see. A pretty good five hours spent there if I do say so myself. For the statue though, I do not have a name or an artist who did the beautiful job. I have made it a point usually to take a picture of the placard that states such information but for this one I did not take one (or it did not copy over prior to me coming here).

I would estimate about six or seven hours at a minimum went into this one and much like the last one that I put up here on the web log, the shading is light. I either need to stop starting the drawing with H's, or press a heck of a lot harder. But this is what I have to show for my weekend and a bit of time late last night when I didn't get to sleep right away. Enjoy.


Bethany said...

love it!

Ryan said...

Truly talented my friend!

D.Boyer said...

Tanks y'all!

TM said...

Nice, dude. :)

I'll give you the same advice my teacher gives me: tone down the reflected lights, they're too bright. Almost everybody draws reflected light too high in value. Look at the drawing from 10 feet away, that will make it a lot easier to see.

Now. You drew this off a netbook screen? :-O

Aaron said...

Nice boobies