Monday, July 26, 2010

Two For One

[Belated Post]

Some days the sun shines and the day looks great and you are not sure why. Then you get to the hub site and someone says those magic words, “You have mail.” I sure did. I got the letter from my mother (thank you again and again Mom) and tucked it into my shirt pocket for safe keeping until I got home.

Feeling pretty good I almost walked out before another volunteer shouted my name to keep me from absconding. More magic words, “You have a package.” Oh come now, who could be so nice? Ahh, Jen. You are too kind!

So now I have two things to open when I get home. I got the letter open before even reaching the road that leads to my house and just hearing the paper rattle in the breeze is a very cool thing. So I got myself caught up on my mom's vacation adventures and the weather report for America (it has been hot there, eh?) and took leave of my family for a few moments to enter my room and open the package. I was the proud recipient of candy, magazines, a book on being a cool boy, and a newspaper from Amherst telling me the latest news. Apparently the schools will be merged into one monolithic district as per the small towns and their committees who had to decide on the matter. Lots of goodies and to boot a letter in the envelope telling me what is going on in Hadley. The home stay family enjoyed tasting the Good & Plenty's up to a point. Too much sugar for their tastes I think. The Mentos will be saved for private use only though.

Good stuff and I thank you digitally first here and the letters are (will be) in the mail in due time.

Oh, and Mom, you went white water river rafting? Awesome! Please send those photos if you have some. I would love to see them.

Mail days are good days in Ghana.

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