Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where Are We In The Process

To be honest, I am not so certain where I am in the process of the Peace Corps application. I had a notice about a week and a half ago that I had an invitation. Sure enough I checked my account and there was an invitation listed for me (and hey, that is tremendous news in and of itself since that is what I have been after for a long while now), but the invitation was lacking something. A tiny bit of crucial information.

Where to?

The invite seems to have left off a continent or a country for the destination so most of the pages in my account are available to me, but the juicy information is omitted. I can only imagine that this is a great first step towards finding out where I am heading to, but then it twists me in knots to NOT know where it might be. After a call to the headquarters in D.C., it seems that either I am to receive something in the mail or I should expect a call.

More. Waiting. To. Go.

But still, you should know that there is an invite, but I don't know where to! Hooray for that, right?

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