Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Update One Day Late

Yesterday I happened to re-check my online application status. My girlfriend suggested it, and while I hadn't received an email (the usual way I would find out if any changes were made to my account at Peace Corps) I went ahead and took her very wise advice. Nothing was different - or so I thought.

I had neglected to check one part of the account. Your Application. Since I had been nominated and now my account had changed in the look and feel department, I hadn't gone back to review what my application had listed. Yes, it was different and all for the better. It said that something had been mailed to me on the 4th.

I had called the main office earlier and they seemed a bit surprised that I hadn't received anything. I still did not know they had sent something at the time, and I just chalked it up to someone getting a signal crossed. Of course that certain somebody was me. Naturally.

I went to the Post Office and picked up my mail, and in the mail box was a key for a package that had been sent. It was my Invitation. Oh joyous day. I was so incredibly excited that I called her up and let her know that I was coming home with what was sure to be an invite.

I got home and she helped me open the envelope. She gave me the cover-letter and sure enough, it was there. "It is with great pleasure that we invite you to begin training in Ghana for Peace Corps service."

We hugged and the smile on my face was impressive I'm sure. So Ghana. I quickly helped myself to all the information inside and while I do need to fill out a few things, I think this is it. What I have hoped for since the start was a chance to serve, a chance to see what I am made of and a way to help out. All the while learning about who I am.

Pretty neat huh?

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