Friday, November 04, 2011

Making A Long Distance Connection

Way back when, maybe at the beginning of 2010 when I knew I was going to come to Ghana, I filled out a form for the Coverdell World Wise Schools program whereby a member from the Peace Corps connects with a school back in America. My teacher and I have been in touch and it looks like we can get the students connected while separated by thousands of miles and a small body of water.

A few weeks back we had our first connection and it was a lot of fun.

We used just a normal phone line to make the connection and I think we spoke for about 45 minutes. All of the students had a question about what life is like, what the students here do and what it might be like to be in a class in Hohoe. I tried my best to answer the questions but I let them know that my experience here was with a different age group. The students that they were more interested are around 10 to 12 years in age I think, so my students who can be young-ish adults don't quite match up so well. We managed though, and I had a lot of fun telling them about fufu, banku, and the other Ghanaian dishes and customs that one finds here.

We are going to try to make another connection and I have in mind using our ICT Club here to organize a project that will show what life mightt be like here using videos and photos of school. It seems to be very interesting to the students in my classes, and I am hopeful that the students back in Ms. Tinney's class get a kick out of it too.

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