Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Days Repeating Themselves Come To An End, Soon

While I have been doing a few things here and there on the campus grounds, one thing that I have not been doing is updating the web log. There are a few reasons for that: none of them worth a lick of salt though. Mostly, the days were very repetitive. I would wake up, do some small chores in the house if I felt up to it, take some tea and brew some coffee, read, get breakfast delivered to me from the family on the school grounds who see fit to keep me fed generously (I am still buying them gifts every so often), then I meander over to the computer lab to clean up computers which were buried in an insulating layer of dust and dirt, then surf the web for hours at a time.

As you can see, having eight posts about that cycle of life might bore the readers out there, and it would also affect the author's sanity to keep reminding him of the repetitiveness. So those days are boiled down to about six or seven daily rituals and summed up here in these short sentences. That will have to make do for the lack of updates.

On this side of groundhog's day, I now have a computer lab that is fit for America almost, if not tops for Ghana. The large room where the machines are housed and the students will be is mostly clean, filled to the brim with computers at each long desk, and has the look of a professional classroom. I really like how it turned out. Whether or not it had anything to do with me being here, I am certain the students will enjoy the space now when they come to use the world wide web.

There are computers, however, that are still not functioning. Maybe this week some components will come that can repair the new machines that had power supplies fail left and right, and then we might even be able to hook up the old computers which are still in service to the network via wireless cards which were recently purchased by the school. Things are moving right along here. I can hardly wait to have 35 machines all try and load Yahoo! Mail at one time. The speed will rival a snail with a bum knee.

There may possibly be a trip to Accra this coming weekend devoted to those volunteers in the ICT sector. I have some basic details of what we will be discussing, but any chance I have to compare notes with other volunteers in the same arena that I find myself in is a big plus. That, and I will have make sure to stop in and have really expensive pizza. Cheese tastes so good after you forgo it for a few months.

After I return the majority of students will be on campus. I need to get them running through software in the following fourteen weeks so that they are comfortable with Microsoft Office in full. Otherwise, vacation is finally over for me.


Jen said...

Do snails have knees?

Ryan said...

Hey, how's that ankle of yours?