Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The President's Best Week Of 2006

One dead terrorist. A full complement of ministers installed in the Iraqi Prime Minister's cabinet. What appears to be a cogent and rational discussion on Iraq at Camp David. The long round-trip tickets to Baghdad and back for a meeting with Al-Maliki. Poll numbers that moved up to 38% job approval rating.

This may well prove to be the best week for President Bush of 2006. It will be difficult to determine if it is the best week of his second term until January 2009.

What seems likely is that Iraq will not become a miracle next week or next month. More violence and strife will befall the people of Baghdad and in Kirkuk. Basic services and security will be daily struggles for what may be years to come with or without the Unite States Army and the Marines presence. A grisly first-hand account of an event from June 14th. There will be more of these stories.

It may well be that there is more good news coming from Iraq of the Zarqawi kind, repleat with video of the bombs landing and photos of the blast site. Yet the civil war will continue to weigh heavily on both countries.

At least there was one good week.

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