Thursday, February 23, 2006


The events of the past twenty-four hours in Iraq bring the reality of the situation ever closer to the American public: the United States is not "winning" anything in the occupation.

It is obviously too early to declare that the Civil War has begun as that is something best left to the historical perspective, but the blood-letting on both sides is becoming much more aggressive.

What should be fairly obvious at this juncture is that President Bush is culpable for all that is transpiring today in Iraq and the greater Middle East theater. His decision, as a "last resort" to head into Iraq to topple the power structure of Saddam Hussein had led directly to what is being witnessed today.

Only one month ago the speech writers in the West Wing gave the following to President Bush:
We remain on the offensive in Afghanistan, where a fine President and a National Assembly are fighting terror while building the institutions of a new democracy. We're on the offensive in Iraq, with a clear plan for victory. First, we're helping Iraqis build an inclusive government, so that old resentments will be eased and the insurgency will be marginalized.

The most regrettable thing about making these statements is that they are recorded, and can be reviewed and compared with reality at any time. The President of the United States of America is culpable, is responsible, and should be held accountable both at home and internationally for his calamitous decision.

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