Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bolton And Wolfowitz: Separated At Birth?

While John Bolton's leadership style was seriously questioned during his Senate confirmation hearings (and further still after his recess appointment), there was very little said about Paul Wolfowitz's managerial skills before his accension to the World Bank.

Apparently there are grumblings amidst those career employees at the World Bank with the new team installed at the behest of Wolfowitz. From Steve Clemon's The Washington Note, the following quote comes forward:

According to one senior insider who feels as if Wolfowitz is gut-punching the most talented teams at the bank and indicated that morale is plummeting, "Wolfowitz just does not talk to his Vice Presidents. He speaks to a few close advisors -- Kevin Kellems, Robin Cleveland, Karl Jackson, some others -- but a lot of very good people are leaving."

There must be a spirit that dominates the Bush Administration that one who listens to others not of sufficient conservative lineage ought not to be included in the first place.

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